Junior Adventure Program

  • Location: Miami Beach
  • Season: Winter & Summer
  • Ages: 7 - 15

The English Classes

Our English program is composed of 20 classes of language instruction (15 regular classes and 5 electives) per week. All of our teachers are certified to teach English. Our maximum class size for the regular classes is 15 students, while the average is between 10-12 students per class. There are 5 different levels of English classes in our program from beginner to advanced.

All students are required to do a test the first Monday of their stay with us. The test is both written and spoken. When assigning students to their level we take into consideration three main criteria: English proficiency, nationality and age.

The program consists of 4 classes per day from Monday to Friday. The first 3 regular classes focus on grammar, listening/speaking and reading/writing. The 4th class is an elective class that focuses more on the practical side of the English language. We offer the following elective classes: Journalism, Arts and Drama, and Health and Sports.


Students will learn the basics of writing newspaper/magazine articles. The Journalism students will work together to create a weekly newsletter that is distributed to students, parents and agencies with schedules, stories from students, etc.

Arts and Drama

Students will work together on different arts, such as drama, visual arts, dance, etc. The goal for the Arts and Drama class is to put together a piece of art and present it to the other students. This is a great opportunity for those who like to be creative.

Health and Sports

Students will learn the basics of health and how to keep your body healthy, as well as practice a lot of different sports.