Junior Adventure Program

  • Location: Miami Beach
  • Season: Winter & Summer
  • Ages: 7 - 15


Sol Camps International considers safety as one of the most important aspects of the Junior program, and we put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that students have a great time while being safe. Below are the safety rules that we follow:

  • 1. All students will be taken care of by our staff. Our staff will ensure that none of the Day students leave at the end of the day without being signed out by an adult relative/guardian/family friend. A staff member will stay with the Day student until they have been picked up. Students never leave campus on their own. Also they are always signed in by staff at the beginning of the day.
  • 2. Students are monitored by our staff at all times during the program. The ratio of staff members to students is always at least 1:10.
  • 3. All students have personalized ID cards with the name and address of the campus where they are staying. The ID also includes all emergency numbers of the program, so someone is always available for the students if needed.
  • 4. There is always a staff member for the student available at the school from 08:00 to 17:00, from Monday to Friday
  • 5. None of our students can leave the campus unless they are accompanied by our staff members or their own group leaders.