I have been meaning to contact you with regards to Angelica and Irene's experience with the Tap programme. The girls had an amazing time and came home each day with wonderful news of what they learned. They had lots of things to share and showed us all the wonderful work they were doing in class. They told us all the teachers were very friendly and helpful. They also complimented the big selection of food choices. I wanted to also thank you for inviting the girls on the weekend events - they were very grateful that you included them - that was very generous of you. The girls could not stop telling us about all the new friendships they made - I am sure they will always treasure the memories they created at Taps. Once again Elvis, thank you for your time and dedication to this wonderful programme - I'm sure once the girls spread the news of their Tap experiences to their friends and family in Italy I may get other guests coming here for the same experience and so you may be hearing from me again sometime in the future.

-Theresa Panza - Relative ITALY

My daughter Réka arrived back in Hungary, and I just wanted to say thank you for the great organization you provided. Réka had a wonderful time, the programmes were very interesting and also her English has improved a lot. She loved the staff, everybody was very kind so everything was fantastic, really.

-Bea Letyko - Mother HUNGARY

We want to thank you and specially your staff for all the inconviniences we made you pass trough our son's Camp. Hiroshi came really happy, more mature, he learned a lot of english and made many friends from all the world. Those were the purpose of the trip. Once again Thank you and your staff very much because your mission is accomplished !!

PD: Be sure we will strongly recommend this camp to our family an friends

-Minako and Francisco Iwadare - Mother and Father MEXICO

Many thanks again and looking forward to sending my other son next year.

-Andreas Meirich - Parent SWITZERLAND

We wanted to thank you and the teachers for Victor and Hortense summer camp with IH. It has helped them to feel more confident and they have really enjoyed themselves

-Emma Bleytou - Parent FRANCE

The best camp in the world!!!! I love ih...

-Luis Flores - Student MEXICO

Hi! I was in the junior program 2010 in Toronto. It was amazing! I think I'll come next year, I met a lot of friends from all the world and I really enjoy it! Thank you for the experience.

-Maria Jose Gonzales - Student MEXICO

I have the feeling that he experienced the most important period in his life having the opportunity to learn not only english language but also and specially how to deal with different situations, cultures and opinions. I do really like to thank you for everything you supported him and as we have talked sometimes by phone I know that you spent your time to give him important advices which will be valuables for the rest of his life.

-Luis Henrique Cauzzo (parent, Brazil)

It was Kasumi's strong intention to choose off campus living though she knew the program was designed to be all inclusive. She might have been too shy to express how she feels in class or among friends but she was extreamly happy (not an exaggeration) and was enjoying attending the program. She was telling me everyday that she had a lot of fun and how much she was inspired by her friends. I truly appreciate your flexibility that you accepted Kasumi regardless of the exceptional request. I found the program very wonderful. Thank you again for having Kasumi in your program.

-Tomoko Ohyama (parent, Japan)

Marta just arrived this morning after 17 hours of long jorney. She is very happy and save at home. She says she had a very good time and met lots of new friends. We have seen her exams and it seems she has improved her english ,which was our main purpose. She liked specially the teacher of the first three weeks . Thank you for taking care of her so well and thank the rest of the team for it as well. Thanks also for answering my mails and phone calls so quickly , that gave us a good feeling of contact. I congratulate you because you've organized so many activities specially in the beggining of her stay. Marta is very happy to have taken part in all of them and had a lot of fun. I wish you a good rest of the summer and hope she has behaved and left good memories in Toronto.

-Ana Badrinas Sans (parent, Spain)

First of all I would like to thank you and your staff for welcoming us warmly. You helped me during the program as a friend. I am very glad that I have the good friends and partner in Canada like you. Everything was very great!

-Arzu Karimov (agent - Azerbaijan)

There is a great variety of fun activities at International House Toronto. The students improve their English and be happy all the time!! It's a safe place for the students and we have all the support and attention we need! Toronto is always our destination for July vacations every year!

-Eloisa Basinello (agent, Brazil)

My daughter had a wonderful holiday with a lot of good impressions. Even my brother who lives in Toronto was very interested, when she said about the summer campus. He said that he himself would like to visit this camp. Most of all we were worrying about the flight, you know what time it is now. Thanks a lot for your help. I have always met good helpful people in my life. Thank you very much.

-Eugenia Kolodna (parent, Ukraine)

I think you are too tired but I know it was an excellent TAP. I just want you to know that we are very happy sending you Mexican Students. Next year I'll try to send you lots of Kids!!!!!

-Enrique Padilla (agent, Mexico)

Everything was perfect, it was also important that the campus was very safe. Specials thanks to Elvis and all the staff ! It was really a good experience.

-Marina Fanny Perrenoud (parent - Switzerland)

As a Chaperone, my experience in IH; I can say it was great !!! all the Staff members are so gentle with the kids and all the team-work. They have a lot of nacionalityes and that's why students can make friends from all over the world (Azerbaijan, France, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, China, Japan etc). Activities were super fun too!!!.. all day kids are laughing, meeting new places, meeting new people, doing some proyects, and also learning english !!!! Was great to watch the students received their certificate and took photos with all the staff members and their new friends (I'm sure they'll keep in touch!).

-Alejandra Romero (chaperone, Mexico)

Kinuyo has just started the high school in Belleville. Her family in Japan and Kinuyo are very happy with your program, both Summer and language school with homestay. They are also thankful to you, too!

-Toshiko Dozono (agent, Japan)

It was the best summer ever in my life. Thank you.

-Arisa Tateishi (student, Japan)