What documents are my children required to have during the flight? During the program?

Valid passport and visa (depending on nationality). We will issue a Letter of Acceptance prior to arrival confirming your child’s place on the course, which can be used for applying for a Visa. Please contact us if you require more information about this.

What is the age of the students participating in the program?

Children’s Adventure Program – the ages are from 7 to 12 years old, inclusive.
Teenage Adventure Program – the ages are from 13 – 17 years old, inclusive.

Who is going to pick up and drop off my child at the airport?

If you have requested this service, a Sol Camps staff member will be at the airport waiting for them. Upon receiving the flight details, we will organize the service. Please make sure your child looks for our Sol Camps logo. In the event that the child cannot find the staff member, Your child Airport Confirmation letter will confirm the full details of who to contact in an emergency – the driver and also the Centre Manager’s mobile telephone number will be provided and they will assist you immediately.

Please note: We must receive the correct flight info at least 7 days in advance.

Can my child join the program on a weekday (Monday to Friday)?

At Sol Camps it is Sunday arrival and Sunday departure. For any students arriving on a different day, we will charge a non-Sunday arrival fee. Please check the Dates and Prices section for more details.

Is my child always accompanied by an adult during all activities?

Yes, your child will always be accompanied by our Sol Camps staff at all times during the activities.

Are meals included in the package? What kind of food will they eat?

All meals are included in the program package for your child. They include breakfasts, lunches, brunches and dinners. Sometimes on weekends students may have brunches instead of lunches. There are a lot of healthy variety for children to choose from grill stations, made-to-order pasta, deli stations, salads, pizza, hot meals and much more.

If my child is allergic to food and/or other things who do we notify?

You must make sure that upon registration you inform us on any medical condition or dietary needs. Please do so in the registration form as well as by filling out the appropriate health forms sent to you.

What facilities are there on campus?

Teenagers have access to a lot of outdoor as well as indoor facilities. They include; soccer fields, basketball courts, recreational rooms and a lot more.

How do I communicate with the student?

There are a few ways you can communicate with them. They have access to the internet. They have access to pay phones and we also provide an emergency phone for parents to call.

Can my child bring his/her cell phone?

Yes, they can. However cell phones are strictly prohibited during class times and organized events. We reserve the right to take control of it if we believe it is interrupting the program.

How much pocket money should my child bring?

This will depend on the personal spending habits of the child, however we suggest between $50 to $100 weekly should be more than enough.

Is there any safe place where my child can leave their valuables?

In the residential program, every child has a key to their room and it is safe to leave their valuables inside. Should the child or family request, we are able to store their traveling documents and/or flight papers and give them back to the child before they leave. Please note that although we believe the residence is a safe place, we always recommend that children take extra caution about their valuables and never leave them unattended.

What clothes should my child bring to the summer program?

Everyday clothes to wear to school, loose clothes suitable for sports and definitely something waterproof. The weather in Toronto can be unpredictable so pack something warm as well.

Can my child leave campus?

As safeguarding is a priority for us, students will only be allowed to leave the campus under SOL staff supervision.

Does my child need to purchase travel insurance before they arrive?

Sol Camps provides emergency medical insurance to all international students attending all of our programs.