Fun facts!


  • The CN Tower’s glass floor can withstand the weight of 35 Moose
  • Yonge Street is the longest street in the world!
  • Half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada


  • Miami is the only city in the US founded by a woman
  • Miami is home to the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world!
  • There are 16 different beaches in Miami


  • Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum is the oldest museum in the world – established in 1683
  • The Great Hall at Christ Church was the inspiration for the Hogwart’s dining hall in Harry Potter
  • Oxford was once the capital of England during the English Civil War in 1642


  • Vancouver is home to Canada’s longest pool
  • Vancouver is known as “Hollywood North” due to how many American films and tv shows are produced here!
  • Vancouver’s Stanley Park is 10% larger than Central Park in NYC


  • New York City became the first capital of the United States in 1789.
  • New York City is the largest city in the USA
  • Over 800 languages/dialects are spoken in New York City

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